The First Snow

Walking outside, I felt the cool breeze whip at my face as everything around me was coated in a sparkling white blanket.  I stepped outside and closed the door behind me, facing the elements.  That familiar crunch of fresh snow was music to my ears as I began my journey to the other side of campus.  There weren’t many people out yet, perfect for me to enjoy my winter wonderland in peace.  I don’t normally take the time to look around me as I walk, but this day was an exception.  Everywhere I looked there were snowflakes, blowing casually with the breeze and landing gingerly on my hair and eyelashes.  I saw the path I was forging for myself through the newly-thick piles of snow, each step a unique one where no one had stepped thus far.  I felt my face light up as I turned my head to the sky to watch the miracle of snowfall all around me; it amazes me to see such tiny particles make such a large effect on the landscape.  I walked with a light step, eager to see how the buildings and trees around me transformed over the night.  I thought to myself that the next snow will never be the same as this one, because this was the first of the season.  No other snow will have that magical effect, that feeling of wonder that holds me captive in its cool embrace.

You will feel fulfilled when you do the impossible for someone else.
— Yogi green tea bag